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In high speed gasoline (petrol) engines, exhaust valves and the surfaces they rest on (the valve seats) operate at high temperatures and with severe mechanical stresses. Older vehicles were designed to run on leaded gasoline, under these high speed conditions and to a lesser extent at high load, and in the absence of special protection of the valve seat from the lead compounds, it has been found that the material of the valve seat can erode i.e. “recede” into the cylinder head. In extreme cases, this can cause lower compression, poor fuel economy, high and poorer quality emissions and mechanical problems. Compounds resulting from the combustion of special products added to regular fuel form a thin, non-metallic layer of oxides on the surface of the valve seat. This layer acts as a lubricant, preventing metal-metal contact and the potential to cause mechanical damage, including welding.

Classic Classic Car Fuel

Classic Classic Car Fuel is a formulated unleaded petrol containing recognised additives that both protect the valve seats and increase the octane number to a level exceeding that of regular unleaded fuel. Classic Classic Car Fuel can be added directly to any make or model of classic car or motorbike that was originally designed to run on leaded fuel. Additionally, and almost uniquely, the fuel does not contain ethanol. Ethanol readily picks up water from the atmosphere and the fuel supply chain resulting in an acidic product that can cause corrosion of metallic components and can adversely react with incompatible plastics, rubbers and fibreglass. Classic Classic Car Fuel is the premium fuel for your cherished vehicle.